Bruce's Campfire

Your Outdoor Adventure PhotoShare


Bruce's Campfire was created to allow Bruce's friends to share travel photos. The site is free, does not include any advertising, and no "usage data" will ever be shared.

Features include:

Images are uploaded to "Adventure Folders" using the "Upload Images" menu option (a maximum of 50 images per folder will be uploaded)
   • You can set the "categories" (e.g., "Road trip", "Backpack", etc.) for each "Adventure" when the images are uploaded
   • (Note that you can change these later by using the 'Update Adventure Data' menu option and the you can add your own "Adventure Types")
   • Most cameras include a date indicating when the photo was taken. In this case the "Adventure date" will be set to the earliest "image date")
   • The first image uploaded for each folder will be used as the "thumbnail" for the Adventure (you can change this later by using the "Change Adventure Thumbnails" menu option)
   • The very first image that upload will be used as the "Logo" for your site (you can change this later by using the "Change Website Logo" menu option)
   • Please only upload images from actual trips. Please do not upload any images containing nudity, etc.
   • Images will be resized to be a maximum of 900 px in either height or width. Thumbnails will be resized and cropped to 300px x 300px. (Use the "Update Website Parameters" menu to changes these parameters)
Your "Home" web page will have two menus - one above your logo and one below it
The "lower" is for viewing your "Adventures" based on how you categorize each adventure. This menu can include two additional items - "Home" and "About". Use the "Upload Web Pages and Logos" menu option to upload html files for either of these . The "Home" page will be shown first when someone visits your Web site (if you have not uploaded a "Home" a grid of your recent adventures will be displayed)
The "upper" menu enables you to "maintain" your Web site. It has the following options:
  Search Box - Search for a registered user based on email or "site name"
  Bruce's Campfire - A link to the home page of Bruce's Campfire
  Home - A link to your Web site when you are viewing either "Bruce's Campfire" web page or the web page of another user
  Upload Files
   • Upload Images - Upload images for an adventure (images can be also added to an existing adventure
   • Upload Web Pages and Logos - Upload a logo, "Home page" or "About page"
   • Add Adventures from FTP Folder - If you know how use FTP, you can use an FTP program to upload your images. This is a good option if you want to upload images for many adventures. (The FTP instructions will be provided once you sign up.)
  Listings - List data about images in each folder
   • Sort By Image Name
   • Sort by Sort Order
   •  Adventures - lists your adventures.
   • Update Adventure Data - update "adventure name", date. categories, etc.
   • Change Website Logo - select a logo for your web site from one of your uploaded images (the selected image will be cropped to 150px high and 600px wide)
   • Change Adventure Thumbnails - select "thumbnail" to be shown for an adventure
   •  Rotate Images (in an adventure)
   •  Change Order of Images (in an adventure)
   • Change Image Titles (in an adventure)
   •  Delete Images from an Adventure
   • Update Website Parameters - modify the parameters use for your web site
   • Change Password
Feature to be added
   • "Friends" - You will able to enter a list of email addresses of your "friends". A "Friends" menu will show all of your friends who have also signed up, along with a link to a Web page that will show all of your friends recent adventures (including yours)
   • Upload a text file with information about images (title, etc.)
   • Download images or thumbnails for an Adventure
   • "Groups" - Similar to "Friends" but by "invitation only". Perhaps with the abiliyy to add upcoming group-sponsored events and photos associated with them